CET4英语四级考试全真预测试卷 第1套(写作)

Part I Writing (30 minutes)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition one topic: City Problems. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 越来越多的人涌入大城市,有些问题随之产生
2. 比较明显的大问题有……
3. 我对这种现象的想法

City Problems

Nowsdays, millions of migrant workers flock into cities in search of jobs and better living. However, with the sharp rise in the urban population, many problems arise in the development of cities.

Firstly, cities become more and more crowded, putting much pressure upon transportation, housing, sanitation, education, employment and so on. City services and facilities have been strained to a breaking point. Secondly, a growing number of private cars emit a huge amount of carbon dioxide, leaving the air mercilessly polluted.What ismore, the city is also threatened by an increase in crime. There is not a single day passing without the report of someone being robbed, kidnapped or even murdered.

Last but not least, city-dwellers are not only separated from the nature but also isolated from each other, even not knowing name of their next-door neighbor.

All these problems have harmed the attractiveness of the city. More people may seek to live in the suburbs if there isn't any improvement.

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