Free Admission to museums






Free Admission to Museums?

Nowadays, a lot of museums open to the public for free, and a lot of people are attracted to go there. However, it also brought some unexpected problems.
At present, people can get knowledge from many ways like libraries, internet, and other sources. However, there is also much information that people cannot get from the above ways. Free admission museums supply more chances for the public to get knowledge that cannot be easily accessed. People can learn more things about history, art, science and so on. Although, this kind of policy brought much convenience to the public, it also caused some problems. For example, beggars and shabby-dressed people may enter the museums and cause bad reputation among the public; along with the increasing number of people getting into museums, there will be no enough service wyzfox.com meet the requirements; besides, under the policy of free admission, the cultural relics displayed there may be inevitably broken or damaged by the crowds. Moreover, the crowds in the museums may also cause security problems.

In my opinion, free admission is a good policy for the public, and it brings the public much convenience. wyzfox.com also take possible measures to protect the cultural relics and maintain the order of spot. Besides, we can also take the policy of giving free admission first to children, then to the retired person, and last to the public. I think, this may help to solve the problems.

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