Section A (The method for making beer has changed over time.)

26. relatively
27. surprising
28. suggest
29. direct
30. test
31. remains
32. including
33. staple
34. arrived
35. raw


Beer recipes change over time. Hops, for example—which give many a modern brewskis its bitter, citrusy flavor—are a relatively recent addition to the beverage, first mentioned in reference to brewing in the ninth century. Now, researchers have found a surprising ingredient in residue from 5000-year-old beer brewing equipment. While excavating two pits at a site in the central plains of China, scientists discovered pottery fragments from pots, funnels, amphorae, and stoves (stove fragment pictured). The different shapes of the containers suggest they were used to brew, filter, and store beer—they may be ancient “beer-making toolkits,” and the earliest direct evidence of beer brewing in China, the researchers report online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. To test that hypothesis, the team examined the yellowish, dried dregs inside the vessels. About a third of the starch grains they found were pitted, swollen, folded, or distorted—types of mangling that can occur during the malting and mashing needed to make beer. The majority of the grains—about 80%—were from cereal crops like millet and barley, and about 10% were bits of tubers, including yam and lily, which would have sweetened the brew, the scientists say. Barley was an unexpected find: The crop was domesticated in western Eurasia and didn’t become a staple food in central China until about 2000 years ago, according to the researchers. Based on that timing, they suggest barley may have arrived in the region not as food, but as fodder for brewing beer.

日期:2016-06-03 期刊:Science

翻译:啤酒配方随着时间而改变。例如给许多现代啤酒带来苦味和柑橘味的啤酒花,是相对较晚被添加到啤酒中的成分,在九世纪与酿酒相关的史料中首次被提及。现在,研究人员在5000年前的酿酒制品残留物中发现了惊人的成分。在中国中原地区两个考古坑进行挖掘的期间,科学家们发现了来自 陶罐、漏斗、双耳陶罐和火炉的陶制碎片(火炉碎片如图)。研究人员今天在《国家科学院院刊》网络版中报告称,容器的不同形状表示它们曾被用来酿造、过滤和储存啤酒,它们可能是古代的“啤酒制作工具包”,也是最早的有关中国啤酒酿造的直接证据。为了检验这一假设,研究小组检测了容器内暗黄干燥的残留物。其中发现的淀粉颗粒中约有三分之一或凹或胀,或折叠或扭曲,这些变形会在酿造啤酒所需的麦芽处理和麦芽浆制作的过程中发生。科学家们表示,这些谷粒中的大多数,约80%,来自小米和大麦这样的谷类作物,同时10%左右来自块茎植物,包括山药和百合,它们给这些啤酒增添了甜味。研究人员表示,大麦是一个意外的发现:这种农作物在欧亚大陆西部种植,直到大约2000年前才成为中国中部地区的主食。根据这一时间点,研究人员表示大麦当时可能是作为酿造啤酒的原料,而不是一种食物被引入中国中原地区的。

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46. A) Britons have cut their spending on it.
47. B) It will remain gloomy.
48. C) Luxurious features add much to the price.
49. A) They are particular about the quality of toilet paper.
50. D) Environmental protection is not much of a concern when Britons buy toilet paper.

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