2016.12 CET4英语四级翻译答案及点评(白色,文都)





For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into English. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2.



With China’s reform and opening up, currently many youngsters fancy the western-style wedding. The bride wears a white wedding dress at the wedding ceremony, because white is regarded as the symbol of purity. However, in Chinese traditional culture, white is the color which is often used for the funeral. Therefore, please bear in mind that white flowers mustn’t be given to others as a gift to wish them well, especially to the elders or patients who are badly ill. Likewise, the gift money must be put in the red envelope instead of the white envelope.


第一句:用with表达伴随;“中国的改革开放”译为China’s reform and opening up;“喜欢…”注意运用四级词汇fancy。

第二句:该句考查原因状语从句,较为简单,翻译的时候注意四级词汇的使用, “被认为”可以用短语be regarded as。


第四句:“务必记住”可以用短语bear in mind;“一定不要”用mustn’t比较准确;“祝人康复的礼物”可以用a gift to wish sb. well。

第五句:注意可以用instead of来表达该句的转折;“同样”用likewise。

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