烤松茸:roasted matsutake
油焖春笋:braised bamboo shoot
莲藕排骨汤:lotus root and rip soup
酸辣藕丁:hot and sour lotus root
炸藕夹:deep-fried lotus root sandwich
鱼头泡饼:bread soaked in fish head soup
香煎马鲛鱼:decocted mackerel
酸菜鱼:boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili

Episode 1 Gift of Nature

China have the world's most strange natural landscapes, plateaus,mountains and forests, lakes and rivers, coastline. Such kind of geographical span is very good for the growth and reserve of species, which any of other countries don't have a lot of potential raw wyzfox.com. To get the gift of nature, people collect, pick, dig, catch all year round. This episode will show the story about man and nature behind the delicious.


Shangri-la, in the nature hybrid forest of pine and oak tree, Zhuoma is looking for a sort of elf-like food——matsutake. Because the matsutake only have 2-day short fresh life, businessmen have to do with sophisticated processing with the wyzfox.com the matsutake. Then, after 24hours a kind of this matsutake will soon appear in the markets in Tokyo.

At 3 a.m. in the habitat of matsutake, Zhuoma' father took zhuoma and her mather in a motorbike. After passing through the village, mother and daughter would walk into the virgin forest 30 km away. Heavy rain made all kinds of wild mushroom grow crazily, however, every Tibetan has a pair of sharp eyes. After digging out the mushroom, Zhuoma covered the hole quickly with pine needles on the soil. Only in this way, can keep the organization of mushroom from destroy. To continue the gift of nature, Tibetans follow the rules of forests in mind.

During 2-month period of mushroom pitching, Zhuoma and mom had made 5000 yuan back. This payment presents the reward of their hard work.

In the mao bamboo grove of Laobao, who comes from Zhengjiang, there used to have a biggest winter bamboo shoot in Suichang. Winter bamboo shoots hide under the soil, just like noting from the surface of the earth. As watching the color of bamboo leaves can Laobao knows the exact position where bamboo shoots are. It totally relay on his rich experience.

The way to retain freshness of bamboo is very hard. Bamboo shoots are only a kind of bud, which is the most vigorous part of the whole plant organism. Clever Laobao said it's very easy to protect winter bamboo shoots. Digging up the loose soil, covering the bamboo shoots in the holes again, preserving moisture. This way of covering makes use of nature and can retain freshness more than 2 weeks.

Winter bamboo shoots can be found in four major Chinese cuisines. Cooks prefer it also for its pure flavor, which is very easy to take in other taste. Lao Bao is now using the bamboo shoots to make a normal home dish of bamboo shoot soup. The main material of bamboo shoot soup with fresh and pickled streaky pork should have to be spring bamboo shoots, however, Lao Bao put the Suichang winter bamboo into use, which is 20 times higher than the winter bamboo shoots. Because Lao Bao thought it is only a small kind of dishes in his home.

In the northern part of mountain area of Dali in Yunnan province, many natural salt wells,which is an essential element of special food of mountain people, spread in the striking red sandstone. Lao Huang and his son is setting up a cooking range beside the brook. The job of the cooking range is to boil salt every winter.

In the market of Yunlong county in winter, Lao Huang and his son rushed to pick up the pork to make the ham. The pickle of ham began in the yard of old house. The pickle of Nuo Deng Ham is very easy. Lao Huang got rid of the extra pork, made the pork a kind of mellow and full ham, put liquor on it to kill bacteria, and then spread on the salt made home. During the pickle, rubbing and pressing are only be used in case the fiber is destroyed.

Even use the modern standard to make a decision, Nuo Deng Well Salt is still the top of salt. Although the place used to be rich of salt in the ancient times, we still believe Nuo Deng Salt is a valuable present to the mountain people from nature.

Shengwu and Maorong are twin brothers. Every September, they will come to the Jiayu county in Hubeing province, to pick up a kind of natural delicious food. This sort of plants live in the muds far away from the river. The root of what Maorong has dug is called lotus root, a kind of high produced vegetables in the lakes.

As a professional of digging lotus roots, every year Shengrong and Maowu will be out for 7months. As soon as the season of lotus roots picking up, they will get to the place where is rich of lotus roots from their own home in Anhui province. The high payment make Shengrong and Maowu are willing to do the hard job. People who pick up lotus roots like cold weather, not because it's easy to pick up in cold weather but that people who buy the lotus roots or eat it will be more and the price will be high.

There are still 5 months left to pick up a lake lotus roots. On the lake of Jiayu county, 300professionals keep working from sunset to sunrise every day. You will see the same picture year and year in every big province which is rich of freshwater lakes.

Nowadays, when we have the power to be far away nature and enjoy delicious food, we should be grateful to the people who use their hands and brain to make so many delicious food.

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