For all the money people spend on technology gadgets, it's about time they got something without spending a cent. In this week's column, I've compiled a cheat sheet to some of the most popular free digital content that isn't always easy to find. This includes books, music, movies, TV shows, catalogs, magazines and apps, available on mobile devices as well as computer desktops.

This guide is divided into the four major content companies you're likely to buy from: Apple, Amazon, Google and Barnes & Noble. The free offerings include content people will actually want to download, such as songs from new and established music artists and hit TV shows. I also included some broader-based websites that aim to help people sort through vast collections of free content.
本指南按照你可能去购物的公司,将内容分为四大部分:苹果(Apple)、亚马逊(Amazon)、谷歌(Google)和巴诺(Barnes &Noble)。免费的内容包括人们实际想要下载的东西,比如刚崭露头角的或已成名的音乐艺术家的歌曲、热门电视节目。我还扩大范围,收录了一些旨在帮助人们整理收藏大量免费内容的网站。

苹果的音乐商店(iTunes Store)从一开始就炙手可热,它把购买音乐的过程简化为只需鼠标点击一下已保存过的信用卡信息这样简单,不过你一不小心,点击的数量就会迅速增加。

Apple's iTunes Store has been a hit from the start, simplifying the process of buying music with a click of the mouse and saved credit-card information. But these clicks can add up quickly if you aren't careful.
每周二,美国东部时间午夜0点左右开始,苹果都会在它的音乐商店推出一首免费的“本周单曲”(Single of the Week),本周的曲目是科科•琼斯(Coco Jones)的“Deja Vu”。此外,苹果也常常会根据具体情况推出免费歌曲,比如2月19号就推出了 the View唱的"The Clock"。有时,一些专辑可以免费试听一周左右,之后才在苹果音乐商店开始销售。本周,我就免费听了贾斯汀•汀布莱克(Justin Timberlake)的整张新专辑"The 20/20 Experience",该专辑现在可以以10.99美元的价格预订。(免费试听活动于3月19日结束。)

Every Tuesday, starting around 12 a.m. Eastern Time, Apple offers a free Single of the Week on its iTunes store. This week it's 'Déjà Vu' by Coco Jones. In addition, Free Songs are offered every so often on a case-by-case basis, like on Feb. 19 when 'The Clock' by the View was offered. Once in a while, albums are available to stream for free about a week before they're available for purchase in the iTunes Store. This week, I listened free of charge to Justin Timberlake's entire new album, 'The 20/20 Experience, ' which can be preordered now for $10.99. (The free listening offer ends March 19.)

3. Be selfish sometimes. Burns advises 'checking out' occasionally to put personal needs ahead of career and family. 'Think about your health, physically and mentally, ' she says. A failure to do so, she warns, can put everything else at risk.
3. 偶尔自私一下 。彭斯建议,偶尔将自己的个人需要放在职业和家庭之上。她说,想想自己的健康,无论是身体健康还是心理健康。她警告说,如果自己不健康,那其他一切都将面临风险。

4. Don't take guilt trips. Mothers often feel pressure to be present for their children all the time, but such expectations are neither realistic nor necessary, Burns says. 'Kids are pretty resilient, ' she says. 'You don't have to be at every volleyball game. We can't guilt ourselves.' Her own mother missed many of her extracurricular activities, she adds, 'and I'm fine.'
4. 不要活在内疚的阴影里 。彭斯说,妈妈们常常感觉必须时时刻刻参与到孩子的生活中,但这样的期望既不现实也没有必要。她说,孩子们复原能力很强,你不必孩子的每场排球赛都去看,我们不能让自己内疚着活下去。彭斯还说,她的母亲就错过了她的很多课外活动,而她并不觉得有什么问题。

5. Don't take life too seriously. 'Ninety percent of this stuff is just not that serious, ' she says. 'We get crazy about it.' Burns says she often thinks back to her mother's advice to stay grounded. 'Continually go back to the basic stuff, ' she says. 'Be prudent. Enjoy it.'
5. 不要活得太较真 。她说,有90%的事情都不必那么认真,但我们却过于较真。彭斯说,她常常回想她母亲有关淡定的忠告。她说,时不时地回归到基本,慎重行事,享受生活。

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