Cypermethrin use for Cotton bollworm


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Cypermethrin use for Cotton bollworm
2019/5/23 14:08:02

Cotton bollworm is a problem in growing cotton。 "A major pest in hot countries of irrigated crops。 Enters into a summer diapause when irrigated crops are not present and the soil and air temperatures are high。 When the end of the dry season comes, the rain cools the soil and pupae come out of diapause.


Diparopsis castanea, red bollworm: central-southern Africa

Earias insulana, spiny bollworm: Africa

Helicoverpa zea, the American bollworm or tomato grub

Helicoverpa armigera, the Old World bollworm

Pectinophora gossypiella, pink bollworm: Africa

Pectinophora scutigera, pink-spotted bollworm: Australia


In cotton, they leave gouges on the surface of the boll where rot organisms enter and spoil the cotton crop. Later in the season, they will enter ripe fruit/bolls and cause them to be inedible/unusable.


Which Insecticides Should You Use for Cotton bollworm?




Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid derivative of natural pyrethrins with a good insecticidal action。


• Determine size of spraying job. For lawns, measure the area to be sprayed. For landscape trees and woody ornamentals, estimate the amount of spray mixture to provide thorough coverage.

• Carefully measure and mix the amount of product and water as indicated in the use directions. It is always a good idea to wear water-resistant gloves when handling pesticides.

• Spray as directed。 Thorough coverage is important。 Spray just enough to cover treated area。 Avoid over-wetting。 Do not allow dripping or runoff to occur。

• Flush sprayer with clean water after each use


People usually use Cypermethrin to control the suppression of cotton bollworms, so your cotton crops may also have a good harvest.


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