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Kingquenson Tomato Herbicides
2020/7/2 18:04:15

Herbicides for Tomato

Herbicides also known as weed-killers are a chemical substance used in controlling unwanted plants.

Herbicides can effectively control any unwanted plants competing with your tomato for light, nutrient, water and all other essentials required for plant growth

As a farmer, the type of herbicide you need to use is based on the production stage of your tomato and the season.

There are two different ways in which pesticide works。 They include selective and non-selective。


This type of herbicides controls or suppresses some certain plants without affecting the growth of your tomato plants. Selectivity may be due to translocation, differential absorption, physical (morphological) or physiological differences between plant species. They are suitable to use control weeds after planting.


Non-selective herbicides are not specific to a particular plant. They are made to destroy any weeds they come in contact with, including your tomato plants. Thus, this type of herbicides is suitable for use only during the pre-planting stages.

You are tasked to find out that the herbicides you are going for will adequately handle the job of controlling weeds during both pre-planting and post-planting phases so that you will not waste your money.


Common Herbicide used in Controlling Weeds

There are various brand and types of herbicide in circulation。 However, we have curated some of the most effective and efficient herbicides you can use to control weeds on your tomato farm。 They include;

  • Glyphosate

  • Metribuzin

  • Oxadiazon

  • Diphenamid

  • Pebulate

  • Nitralin/Trifularin

  • Alachlor

  • Fluchloralin

This and much more are the effective and efficient herbicides in the control of weeds on your tomatoes farm. For more information on herbicides, click here.

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