King Quenson and Chengdu Wintrue Holding Signed International Market Strategical Cooperation Agreement


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King Quenson and Chengdu Wintrue Holding Signed International Market Strategical Cooperation Agreement
2019/6/25 18:31:31

On Jun. 23rd, 2019, King Quenson Industry Group officially signed the International Market Strategical  Cooperation Agreement with Chengdu Wintrue Holding Co., Ltd. This strategical cooperation partnership  represents the powerful combination between Chinese crop protection industry and Chinese crop nutrition industry. 


Under the agreement, King Quenson will develop the global marketing on behalf of Wintrue in the fertilizer business, and the both parties will perform as one team and publish mutual-owned brand names for their featured compound fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, Calcium Amounium Nitrate plus TE and other fertilizer products.  

With the strong combination with Wintrue, King Quenson achieves a solid step toward the leading provider of  global agricultural solutions and materials。 King Quenson and Wintrue warmly welcomes the friends from the  world。  

One Team, One Dream, One Future! We Focus On Your Harvest!

Features of Wintrue 

Chengdu Wintrue Holding Co。, Ltd。 was established in 1992 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock  Exchange in 2011 with stock code: 002539. 

Led and participated in drafting two national industry standards: 《Water-Soluble Fertilizer》, and 《 Potassium Ammonium Nitrate for agricultural use 》 

Participated in drafting one international industry standard:ISO18645:2016《Fertilizers and soil  conditioners - Water soluble fertilizer - General requirements》 

Annual Production Capacity 5,000,000 MT Compound Fertilizer (NPK) including: 

     •2,500,000 MT Chlorine-based Compound Fertilizer

     •1,000,000 MT Nitrate-based Compound Fertilizer 

     •300,000 MT Water Soluble Fertilizer •500,000 MT Shotcrete Granulation Sulphur-based Compound Fertilizer 

     •700,000 MT Tower Granulation Sulphur-based Compound Fertilizer

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